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Connecting to Bliss Coaching

Supporting fun-seekers who aren't willing to settle for the status quo of being overwhelmed and burnout find a light and enjoyable way to experience self-development

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Are you someone who loves to laugh and have fun but also suffers from burnout, and you are left feeling like, "Is this it? Is this what life is about?"

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Connecting to Bliss Coaching will help you implement small, deliberate changes in your life to connect with that calm, balance, silliness, fun and love you crave and deserve. 

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Bliss Coaching Success Story

When Sean started working with me, he was in a time of transition in his life. Sean had just lost his job because of the pandemic. As a result, he was stressed out, angry, reactive, sad, frustrated, and pretty disconnected from himself and his family. 


Sean had never worked with a coach before but was open to the process. 


After only our first session together, this is what Sean had to say:

 "Hey, I know this isn't "therapy," but I just want to say that I feel I've made more progress in this first session than I have in any other "self-help" endeavor in my past. Thank you!"

Together Sean and I journeyed through his past patterns and dove deep into his wants and desires. Sean discovered that he was living out a past story that he didn't want to be true anymore. Finally, he was empowered to make real, lasting changes in his life and freed himself in knowing it was his choice. 


 By the time we finished their last session, Sean had found a new job he was excited about; he had learned to consistently check in with himself to understand what was going on. He had implemented daily practices to keep him aligned with his goals, and he was finding joy in his life again. He is now the dad, husband, and employee he always wanted to be.


Here is what Sean had to say:

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Here is How Connecting to Bliss Coaching works:

I love long walks on the beach and tacos. Oh, wait. You don't need to know that. You want to know how Connecting to Bliss Coaching is gonna do for you! 
So, here is the thing: I am sooooooo passionate about helping YOU and other fun-seekers, soul searching 

personal development lovers discover their shine and path towards loving themselves and their life. 

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Create small steps to build positive habits and break bad habits for you to be your best


You will start noticing and feeling the joy of happiness, fulfillment, and balance.


Implement structure necessary to be able to balance everyday responsibilities, challenges and have some fun along the way.


The chaos isn't going to stop.  But, you will know the tools you need to find the calm among the chaos. 


You will become more aware of yourself, your obstacles, your goals, and your patterns to give you the freedom of choice moving forward.


Learn to live in love. Love of your life, family, job, friends, and most importantly, yourself. 


Living with intention is the opposite of living in auto-pilot. Having intentional actions creates forward momentum towards your goals. 


You will learn to accept people and things for who and what they are and accept and utilize your inner power. 

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Are you ready to stop living out the clock and waiting for things to slow down before connecting with your bliss? 
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