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Calling all fun
self-development lovers!!

Are you someone that loves to laugh and have fun and doesn't take life too seriously but also see's the value of learning and growing as a person?

If you said YES (maybe with a dorky smile),
YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.  Let's be friends!

But one thing I am seriously serious about is creating environments for people to learn, grow, and expand their minds but not take themselves too seriously!  

And isn't learning so much better when it's fun?

If this sounds great so far, keep reading. I have something unique for you to learn more about...



Along with being a fun person, does this sound like you?

  • You feel kinda stuck, and you are always looking for things to calm down. 

  • You are living for the holiday because that is the only time you get to relax.

  • You often feel overwhelmed and tired.

  • You feel lost and directionless, just watching time go by.

  • Fear is an everyday emotion for you.

  • You bust your hump being everything for everyone else and think "hey, what about me?!?!".

Super Serious Heather


I have been to so many workshops, and I left feeling inspired and motivated, but after some time, I felt like I wasn't not connecting the dots on how to make it work in my life. I didn't have a clear direction or plan to make the changes work for me. I loved hearing people's stories and what worked for them, but I still longed to get some guidance with my situation. I get discouraged and just threw everything out the window.

The Bliss FunShops are different because I incorporate coaching and NLP with my lessons.  You will get all the things you will need: inspiration, motivation,  a clear plan of your own, one on one guidance on how to make that plan yours, more awareness and clarity and most of all, fun. I genuinely believe that by making learning fun, we are far more likely to remember and follow through with the things discussed.

I want to ensure you leave any workshop I host feeling inspired, motivated, prepared, and excited to continue to work moving forward. 

You still with me? Yes? Great! 
Keep going.  
The best part is coming up!


The Deets

  • I host epic workshops for groups of up to 10 people

  • Done virtually or in-person

  • 1-3 hours long

  • I take care of all the details of the workshop, as well as provide any materials needed.

  • You choose from one of my already awesome workshops already prepared or I can custom create a workshop based on a topic of your choosing (for an additional cost)

  • the workshops will incorporate the work and joy of self-development and fun, light and lots of laughter

Together, we will work through fun and insightful exercises, self-reflection, and planning in a collaborative nurturing and safe space.....did I mention it would be fun?


Every attendee will leave with new awareness and knowledge, a plan of action, and an accountability buddy (if desired) to keep them on track and motivated, visuals to keep them organized, and the ability to connect with ME for seven days to ask questions.

Imagine you have .......

  • the ability to find love and joy every day

  • consistent daily habits that help you feel rejuvenated

  • clarity and more awareness of yourself and what makes you, YOU

  • a direction and plan to work towards a goal that is yours

  • a healthy relationship with fear and not let it stop you from getting what you want

  • tools not just to cope but thrive when the icky life stuff happens

  • a deeper connection to your wants, needs and desires

  • a handle on your time and don't feel overwhelmed

  • authentic self-care that fills your cup every day

  • the passion, resources and energy to be your best for the people around you

The perfect person for these FUNshops

  • People who want to connect with themselves and others

  • Willing to do the work (hard fun, and hard joy)

  • Also ready to be open and talk about themselves

  • People who are open to being vulnerable

  • Also willing to invest time and resources in making changes

  • Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously 

  • Someone who likes tacos. Not required but a bonus.

  • Someone who likes/wants/and enjoys having fun.

Who should NOT attend these FUNshops

  • Someone who is really serious

  • Someone who isn't ready to make changes

  • Someone who is scared to be vulnerable and share with others

  • Someone who isn't open to new ideas and ways of doing things

  • Someone who won't follow through with a plan

  • Someone who doesn't resonate with me

Ready to Go FunShops 

Happy Portrait

To-Do Lists are Dumb

Rather than focusing on the regular to-do list, create a list and action plan to BE the person you want to be.



Small Shift, Big Joy

Unpack your self-care, strengths, and mindset and how putting intention into those three aspects of who you are will unlock enormous joy, love, and fun without having to "Eat, Pray, Love" your life. 

Happy Conversation

Time is your Friend

We often move through time thinking that it is a thief of joy when in reality we can make time work for and with us and be its friend.

Happy Meditator

Release your Anchors

Learn to release unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that anchor you and keep you from moving on. 

Happy Portrait

Break Up With Fear

Learn to create a healthy relationship with fear and stop letting it run the show.  You don't need to jump out of airplanes, but you can do things that scare you. 

Enjoying Coffee

Not Your Everyday Self-Care

Explore your current self-care habits and begin to understand how to get more bang for your buck when it comes to self-love.

Let's Do This! 

Whether you want to:

  • plan a girls/boy's night that is not like any other

  • organize a corporate event

  • get another group or circle, together

  • help your staff with personal development

  • incorporate a unique activity for the usually boring family reunion

Your first step is to fill out the connection form below and I will contact you to start planning the FUN.


Genevieve C

Knowing what aligns with me with decision-making is so helpful.  I’m able to slow down before making decisions rather than rushing.

Luisa D

I highly recommend working with Heather whether you're working through a challenging time or on an upswing and wanting to swing a little higher.

AF6BA94F-F051-4E6B-B389-275DC93624FC - Alex Biafora.jpeg

Alex B

Working with Heather has been a massive wake-up call that I have a ton of untapped potential that just needed to be nurtured and unleashed. 


How long are the workshops?
Depending on the topic and group, they will be 1-3 hours long.


How many people can attend?

Ten plus me are the sweet spots, with a minimum of 3 people.


What day and time can you host a workshop?
I am flexible depending on the group, but weekends or weekday evenings work great. 

What can I expect at the workshop?
I approach my workshops from a place of ensuring all attendees get the most out of them. I follow a “Teach Show Do” method with most topics, so I explain the topic and teach any relevant information; I show you how to put it into practice (giving you practical examples from my own experience or others I’ve worked with) then allow you an opportunity to figure out a way to make it practical for you. So there will be brainstorming, planning, and reflecting done IN the workshop.
You will leave the workshop with new knowledge of the topic and yourself and a plan of how you want to incorporate this new awareness.
I will also incorporate loads of fun, humour and some silliness to light things up. 


Do you provide food and drinks?
No, I do not, but if the host or organizer whats to provide food and drinks, that is wonderful. Great question!

What if I have questions after the workshop?
Well, I have good news. I open myself up to session follow-ups for all my workshop attendees for seven days. You can send me voice message questions, and I will respond.

How do you incorporate coaching into the workshops?

During the workshops, I might take opportunities to ask questions to get a bit deeper into the roadblocks and issues or work to get creative with a solution. I ask all attendees to be open and okay with being a bit vulnerable. 

Will I have to dance and be silly?

Mayyyyyybeeeeeee.  If these things scare you, these Funshops may not suit you, which is fine. I am passionate about creating a safe space for everyone to get out of their way and let go of the fear of judgement enough to explore a different way. If that means we get up and boogie down a bit to a killer song, then so be it. You will NOT regret leaning into what is on the other side of your fear because it is all growth. 

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