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About Heather

Bliss Coach

Hi! I'm Heather!

Thank you so much for finding your way here to read my story. I am so grateful to you.  

I was wondering, did you find your way here because you also have an obsession with tacos? Wait, no. That's okay if you don't, but I bet you are here because you want to love your life and are looking for the right person to support you in getting to that love. I feel you, and I can appreciate that. I also commend you for it!

Here is what I can say about myself and my journey to help you get to know me a little more.

I love long walks on the beach and tacos. HAHAHAHA

No, for real, though:
I can wholeheartedly say that I love my life, every part of it.  

The good, bad and even the ugly parts. I have worked hard to see every little thing in my life as a step along my journey to learning and growing. 


I will say that I didn't always feel like that. 
Here is what happened and how I ended up where I am today.

I was blessed to become a mom to a beautiful little girl in 2015, and I had big expectations of myself being the "perfect mom." But things were very different in reality. I was not the mom who loved every minute of pregnancy, birth and being a mom. When I transitioned to being a working mom, I became consumed with mundane tasks and lived on autopilot to cope. 


I worked full time, commuted 3+ hours a day, paid someone a lot of money to spend more time with my daughter, and I was very dissatisfied with it all. On paper, my life was perfect, but I wasn't okay. I was angry, overwhelmed, resentful, and joyless. I was burning out fast.

One day in my car, I broke down and realized something had to give. This couldn't be it. 


I made the most impactful decision of my life that day. I needed to do something different. 


I embarked on a journey to figure out how to be happy. I started exploring and learning, and it soon became apparent: my life wasn't the problem. What was causing my unhappiness was my perceptions, mindset, and expectations of life that were the issue. I realized that nothing on the outside needed to change to find the happiness I craved (like I craved tacos).  


I needed to go within.

I began the journey of self-discovery! I started to know myself on a core level, why I thought and did things the way I did. 
I began to understand my values and how I could use those values every day to feel more aligned and harmonious.
I started understanding my superpowers and how to lean into those.
I also learned that the only person responsible for taking care of me was me. 


My life, in time, was transformed.

I was transformed. I had found my bliss. 

I had been coaching hundreds of travel agents since 2007 to build and grow their businesses, but once I started on my self-discovery journey to bliss, I felt pulled to serve people more meaningfully! 


I decided that life coaching was the perfect fit for me to guide people to understand their true power, resourcefulness, and awesomeness.


I want to guide people toward the awareness and tools they already have but may not know to love themselves and their lives.
You do not need to leave, quit, disrupt, or completely change yourself or your life. You can make small shifts to your mindset, habits, and behaviours that will shed light on your powers and your ability to live in love.


So, here is an important question for you to think about:
Are you ready to try something different?
Are you ready to look within and discover your tools and superpowers?
Are you ready to reach for your bliss?
Did you want to go get some tacos?

Key Things I Learned
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I didn't need to bust my butt trying to be perfect! I simply needed to learn how to be authentically me. 

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There are two ways to life: in fear or love. It is your choice (yup, it's a choice) how you want to live.  The love one is way better.

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Self-care is a requirement.  To be my best self, I must first look after myself; taking care of myself is no one else's job.

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To be empowered, I need to be responsible for my thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours. Otherwise, I will always be a victim

With small actions, self-reflections, daily intentions, and changing patterns, even the busiest person can feel calm, balanced and connected. 


I believe that to be your best, you have to enlist the support of people you know, like, trust, and value.  That is why I became a certified Jay Shetty Life and Success Coach. Alongside Jay and the rest of his team, we are going to impact 1 billion lives. 

JSCS Certified Life & Success Coach 2020
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